NeoDym's new, custom-designed IntraOperative Monitoring (IOM) Device.

Features: 16 channels, multi-modality, real-time software with multiple windows, USB, Windows98.


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IntraOperative Monitoring

NeoDym has recently completed the complete end-to-end design of an electrophysiology stimulation and pick-up device. Custom-designed specifically as an IntraOperative Monitoring (IOM) device, the instrument continuously monitors the nervous system of a patient during surgery.

This technology enables surgeons to recognise imminent danger to a patient's neurophysiological status.

The system works by passing a low-voltage electric current along neural pathways from the safest and most convenient extremity.

The signal is received and registered by electrodes, often placed on the patient's skull, and monitored by a technician throughout the duration of the surgery. Slight changes in the patient's neurological status can be rapidly and easily detected, and corrective action taken.

The new IOM system is portable and cost-effective. It provides 16 channels of high rate electrophysiological data, digital signal processing and multi-modality real-time software suite. The host software runs under Windows98 and communicates with the hardware via the Universal Serial Bus (USB). It also provides dual electrical stimulators with dual-pulse capability, and audio-visual stimulators.

"The (NeoDym) IOM system is great. It is light, compact, portable, and produces the best data of any machine we've ever seen."

Dr. Jeff Owen, President
Surgical Monitoring Services, Baltimore, MD





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