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Multiplot/2 is an easy-use 32 bit PM application for reading, organizing, filtering & plotting ascii data.

It can operate in command line mode or as a WPS GUI application. Once your data is loaded you can experiment with different plot formats such as log, dB, polar etc and with different interpolation schemes and line styles, all by simple menu choice.

The program also enables you to annotate and copy the image to the OS/2 clipboard so you can paste it into other documents or for printing. Multiplot/2 has a lot of flexibility in reading and modifying data organised in different ways such as reading in by rows, by columns, and in modulus fashion.

The program can be made to "filter" (i.e. plot or not plot) a point depending on the value another point. It can also add a value to the X and/or Y data so as to offset it and plot it 'modulo' an arbitrary value. The new data thus created can be saved to disk in 'row' or 'column' format, thereby giving you the ability to transpose your data using Multiplot/2.

Multiplot/2 now has an extensive command line control capability, useful in automated unattended data generation situations where programs run overnight and graphs are reviewed the next day.

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