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Epiaortic Ultrasound Scanner

NeoDym has studied the complete development of a self-contained, easy-to-use, portable ultrasound scanner. The scanner is designed to detect athosclerotic plaque in a cardiac surgery patient's aorta, prior to connection to a cardio-pulmonary support system during bypass surgery.

In many older surgical patients, the inside walls of the aorta can be coated with cholesterol-related material. When the surgeon opens the aorta, this material can dislodge, flowing through the patient's arteries. If the plaque fragments lodge in the patient's brain, stroke or mini-stroke-like events can occur and adverse neurological outcomes may result.

The hand-held scanner is operated by the surgeon, who applies the head of the probe to the aorta. Ultrasonic waves are passed through the arterial walls, and the resulting images are displayed on a screen mounted inside the operating theatre. These images show the varying density of the accretions in the aortic walls, and allow the surgeon to judge the safest location for cannulization of the patient.

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